About NCCP

NCCP is a non-governmental organization focusing cancer prevention established in the memory of Mrs. Nastaran Razmjou who lost her life to lung cancer in June 2014. It has been established as a coordination platform where all intellectuals, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, molecular biologists, pathologists, psychologists, pharmacists, policy makers, management experts and health advisors in genetic, nutrition, sports and hygiene field can interact and strategies concerning cancer prevention can be developed and implemented.

To overcome this challenge, we do our best to present an accurate and efficient platform for cancer prevention. Participants in nccp have shared this mission and aspiration because we believe that we play important roles in each other’s lives.

Nccp objectives (why nccp was established?)

Cancer has been described as the second leading causes of death worldwide estimating 8.2 million deaths in 2012. In the same year, 14.1 million new cases were diagnosed globally with an expected increased rate at 11% according to the data given by GLOBOCAN and WHO. Its diagnosis and targeted treatment is still remained a mystery for the scientific communities. A few diagnostic approaches are available in order to detect circulating tumor cells (CTC) i.e. CellSearch®, Maintrac® and StemCell® CTC Kits. A drastic increase has been seen in the establishment of cancer research and treatment centers around the world during the last two decades.
In spite of having tens of thousands of cancer treatment and research centers, this mystery could not be resolved. Up to now, it has been proposed that cancer may not be curable but preventable as more than 90% cancers are caused by environmental factors.
Natural foods and physical activities are the significant approaches in cancer prevention. Other recommendations based on the WCRF/AICR findings, report focusing on the improvements in social life, smoking cessation, diet changes, early detection and state-of-the-art treatment. Cancer awareness, consultation to patient’s family and early detection may help to save many lives.
It is the necessity of time to increase focus on the development and implementation of effective preventive strategies. Improved detection at early stages and approaches in preventive measures as discussed in cancer prevention model is the only remaining hope to stop its spreading.
Cancer prevention centres should be established to provide a platform for oncologists, policy makers, consultants, surgeons, radiologists, molecular biologists and pathologists, to draw preventive strategies because better coordination is better prevention. Nastaran Center for Cancer Prevention (NCCP) is a step in this regard established in July 2014 to gather the communities working on cancer in different directions because cooperation of bright minds can lead to a better prevention.