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About Mrs Nastaran Razmjo

Mrs Nastaran Razamjo (13 July, 1960 – 14 July, 2014) was a faculty member of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS) in the field of midwifery and nursing. She was born in Mashhad and raised in an educated family as a person caring all in her surroundings. Her caring conception lead her into the university as a nursing student and she received her honors degree from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS) in 1987 and started joined MUMS as lecturer in 1988. She completed her PostGraudation in Midwifery and Nursing from MUMS in 1994 and engaged in MUMS as full time faculty member from teaching to practice in the field of midwifery and nursing.

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About NCCP

NCCP is a non-governmental organization focusing cancer prevention established in the memory of Mrs. Nastaran Razmjou who lost her life to lung cancer in June 2014. It has been established as a coordination platform where all intellectuals, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, molecular biologists, pathologists, psychologists, pharmacists, policy makers, management experts and health advisors in genetic, nutrition, sports and hygiene field can interact and strategies concerning cancer prevention can be developed and implemented.

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Since philanthropic spirit has been a part of Iranian culture and tradition, Nastaran cancer prevention center as a charity institution targeting at cancer prevention has provided a safe place for dear philanthropists to simultaneously donate their help at any form and be also acknowledged of the developments made in many ways.

  • Cancer might not be curable but is preventable.
  • Prevention is much better than treatment
  • Together we can defeat cancer